10 Best Campaigns On The Workshop In Solasta: Crown Of The Magister

by Atak Arple

Here are the best Solasta: Crown Of The Magister projects on the workshop.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister was made by Tactical Adventures, and the community that helped fund the game’s kickstarter deserves a lot of the credit. Since its release in 2021, Solasta has continued to improve these relationships by giving power back to the player. Solasta’s Workshop is the most clear example of this.

In the Workshop, players can use Solasta’s Dungeon Making Tool to make their own adventures, which they can then share for other people to enjoy. We’ve put together a list of the best Solasta Workshop projects for people who want to try something new.

Slave Lords Series

The Slave Lords series is made up of four shorter adventures, making it a great choice for people who want to play a game and be done with it quickly. In the first module, Haunted Keep of the Slaves, you’ll be looking for the goblin raiders who took 16 villagers, some of whom are your relations.

In the haunted keep, you’ll learn scary secrets about the noble Rodemus family and why they were overthrown by a peasant revolt—a strange event that no one dares to talk about. Each Slave Lords episode can be played for about five hours.

Interdimensional Escalations

Interdimensional Escalations lets you choose which parts of the game to play by letting you level up based on certain milestones. You can also skip any chapters you don’t want to play. Depending on what you do in this mission, there are two different ways the story can end.

This mission can be played for up to 30 hours, and your many skill checks will have real effects on the game. The action takes place on 27 large maps.

Depths Of Darkness: An Eiru Adventure

Explore the Sunless Citadel, a once-proud fortress, and find out the truth about its strange, long-forgotten past. Depths of Darkness: An Eiru Adventure is full of history, but you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.

The campaign has 26 maps with different settings and many different puzzles and secrets. Also, depending on your background, race, class, and personality, you can unlock new dialogue, which shows how much work went into making this journey.

Destined To Be Loveless

Destined to be Loveless is the Solasta campaign for you if you like stories with a lot of twists and turns. The dark secrets of the wealthy and secretive Loveless clan are woven into the environment itself. They show up as branching paths, interesting loot, hidden areas, and carefully designed level layouts that bring the strange estate to life.

The writing is especially interesting because it ties together a lot of small details that you might have missed at first. There are about six hours of gameplay in this mission.

Morrows Deep

Your group is turned away from the trade city of Morrows Deep after a long trip through the badlands. To find out why the city is now closed to outsiders, you’ll have to go into the underground.

This programme has a lot to do, and it’s especially fun for people who like to use their charisma skills a lot. Morrows Deep has a fully developed, but optional, crafting system, 35 hours of gameplay, and custom weapons, wands, and magical artefacts.

Shadows Over Brightreach

After taking on what seems like an easy job of stealing, you and your group get caught up in a sinister plan that puts the whole land in danger. Shadows Over Brightreach is a challenging mission for players who are at least level five. It has 72 areas that can be explored and 35 hours of game time.

You can show how strong you are by fighting 124 custom-made enemies and talking to a lot of different people. During your adventure, you will find hidden places and face off against the Underground’s Champion.

Vel Explorer

Vel Explorer lives up to its name by being best for people who like to explore at their own pace in huge, open worlds far from the comforts of society. This feature could be fun for some, even though it will take a while to find shopkeepers and other friendly NPCs.

There are three different ways for Drive Mad game to end, as well as fast travel portals and a total of 24 maps. Vel Explorer is a great tool for both casual and serious players.

Through The Realm Of Mysts

Through the Realm of Mysts is not for people who are afraid of the dark. This campaign is dark and has a lot of atmosphere. It has a lot of scary creatures and dark lords that make battle difficult. There are a lot of mysteries to figure out, skill checks often, and open places to fully explore.

You can do the different side quests in whatever order you want. Even if you don’t mind being in the dark, you should bring a lot of light sources with you on your journey.

Ruins of Ilthismar

Ruins of Ilthismar has 49 maps and 40 hours of game time, so there is plenty to do and see. After being attacked on the road, you end up at an old, empty Moathouse where a strange group lives.

Along with intense battles, you’ll be able to move around the Ruins using a caravan system, start cutscenes with NPCs, and haggle with all kinds of traders. Find out the secrets of an old city that has been lost, and find out who the mysterious “Master” is.

Temple of Evil

Your characters are led to the Temple of Einar by a murder mystery. There, you’ll find out about a darker plan that has to do with a place called Witch Mountain. This very popular workshop campaign has up to 30 hours of gameplay, 26 maps, challenging fighting, customised NPCs with dialogue, and a lot of dungeon crawling.

The clever way Temple of Evil is made makes it easy to lose track of time while playing. Go ahead and get your group together to clean up Witch Mountain and defeat a dark force that has been around for hundreds of years.

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