10 Best Fishing Rods In Terraria

by Atak Arple

Fishing is always a popular thing to do in Terraria, and if you want to fish seriously, you should look for the best fishing rods in the game.

Fishing is a classic thing to do in Terraria. It’s worth it because you can get strong loot early on, like the Reaver Shark, Rockfish, and Frog Leg.These are some of the best things you can get before Hard Mode.

There are eleven Fishing Rods in the game, ranging from a simple wooden rod (because every fisherman has to start somewhere) to the Angler’s Golden Rod. If you can deal with the Angler’s bad mood, the Golden Rod is worth it.

Reinforced Fishing Pole

For how cheap it is, it’s better to fish for early game with a Reinforced Fishing Pole than with a Wood Fishing Pole. You can get this rod as soon as you go underground. It only costs eight Iron bars.

With a Fishing Power of 15%, you won’t get any amazing loot, but this rod will serve you well if you want to start fishing quests before you go after the Eye of Cthulu. Since fishing is the only way to get good poles, this rod could even get better on its own.

Fisher Of Souls

The Fisher of Souls is made with Demonite Bars, which you can get by beating the Eye of Cthulu or the Eater of Worlds or by digging its ore in the Corruption. Since the Eye of Cthulu is one of the easiest bosses to farm for resources in the game, you can get this rod early on in the world’s growth.

With a Fishing Power of 20%, this rod is great for the early and middle game, and it’s likely the one you’ll use until Hardmode if you don’t go out of your way to get the harder-to-find poles.

The Fleshcatcher

The Fleshcatcher is better in every way than its Corruption brother. It has 22 percent more Fishing Power and costs the same as its sibling. At the end of the day, 2% isn’t enough to make you want to jump worlds, but if you spawn in a Crimson world, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a little more fishing luck on your side.

If that 2% difference is important to you, though, you’d be better off looking for a better rod. By the time you can make both bad poles, there are at least two other rods that blow them out of the water. If not, just have fun with the extra boxes.

The Scarab Fishing Rod

This fishing rod is pretty rare because it can only be found in the Oasis mini-biome. Since the rod is in both Mirage and Oasis crates, it’s likely that you’ll find the Magic Conch as you look for it. Since you can quickly move to the Ocean, you can put this powerful rod to the test as soon as you get it.

The Scarab Fishing Rod is better than most Pre-Skeletron poles because it has 30 percent more Fishing Power. But since you can only really get it from rare crates, it might be hard to get with a basic rod like the Wooden Fishing Pole.

Chum Caster

The Chum Caster is an easy-to-get pole if you’re still in Pre-Hardmode. When fishing during a Blood Moon, you can get it from the Zombie Merman or the Wandering Eye Fish. Both of these enemies are easy to kill, and one in eight of them will drop the rod when they do.

Be careful if you’re looking for the Chum Caster in Hardmode. You’re just as likely to pull up a Hardmode enemy as you are to catch the creatures you want, so it might be better to go after one of the higher-tier rods available at this point.

Fiberglass Fishing Pole

You can get the Fibreglass Fishing Pole on your first day in the world. It can be found in Jungle Crates, Bramble Crates, and Ivy Chests. If you love fishing more than anything else, you might want to get to the Jungle as soon as possible with your rod.

If you get this fishing pole, it’s the best one you can get outside of finishing the Angler’s quests before Skeletron. Even after you earn better fishing rods, the Fibreglass Fishing Pole is still one of the cheapest and easiest to get. It can take you fishing well past Skeletron.

Mechanic’s Rod

After beating Skeletron and getting access to the Dungeon, the Mechanic’s Rod is the first big change you can make to your fishing rod. It has a 35 percent Fishing Power, which isn’t much better than the Pre-Skeletron lines we’ve seen so far.

When the Angler lives in your town or when the moon is in a certain phase, the Mechanic will only sell the rod for 20 gold coins. Since this rod is easier to get than anything that turns out to be better, the small difference between it and its predecessors is fair.

Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole

The Sitting Duck Fishing Pole is a very rare drop from the Travelling Merchant. The name is a play on the name Sitting Bull. It can only be bought after Skeletron has been defeated, and even then, the vendor might not have it.

Since he doesn’t usually have one in stock, it’s always a good idea to ask your Travelling Merchant if he has a Sitting Duck Fishing Pole. You can’t get a better fishing rod in Terraria until you finish Angler quests. This is the third-best fishing rod in Eggy Car game, with a Fishing Power of 40%.

Hotline Fishing Hook

This hellish fishing pole is the first one that can fish in fire by default. If you want to use a different pole in the Underworld, you can equip the Lavaproof Fishing Hook.

It has a small chance of dropping from the Angler after finishing 25 quests, but it can only drop in Hardmode, so you’ll have to beat the Wall of Flesh to get it. You can do tasks before entering Hardmode to add to the total, so that you can try for the Hotline Fishing Hook as soon as you enter Hardmode.

Golden Fishing Rod

With a Fishing Power of 50%, the Golden Fishing Rod is the best rod in the game. Also, it’s the hardest rod to get your hands on. You get this rod as a prize for completing 30 quests as an Angler, which is a lot of work in and of itself.

Even though not all Angler quests are hard, many of them take a long time and make you jump all over the map. If you don’t catch the needed fish within the time limit, you have to start over. Unless you do nothing but fish from the moment you meet the Angler, you probably won’t get this rod before Hardmode.

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