10 Best House Mods For The Elder Scroll: Skyrim

by Ams Tair

With these house changes, the homes in Skyrim get a new look.

Skyrim is a big place with a lot of riches to find, quests to finish, and adventures to go on. With all the looting and moving you do, it makes sense that you would want to find a safe place to rest.

Even though there are already a lot of homes in the vanilla game that you can buy, take over by joining a group, or build with the Hearthfire DLC, you may still be missing that extra level of style, storage, and comfort that really makes a steading feel like a home. There are a lot of amazing mods that add beautiful player homes to Skyrim, which is great.

Rayek’s End Expanded

Rayek’s End is a beautiful little haven near Whiterun that is hidden in a waterfall. You see the remains of its previous keeper, Rayek, right away. They are surrounded by displays, a secret shrine to Talos where you can pray, and tanning racks. After you bury him and pay your respects, if you can find the “hidden” switch, you may be able to get into deeper parts of the hideout.

The Dragonborn gets into a lot of shady business, so the hidden lair is a great place to live. Inside, you can use the indoor bath, the underground garden, the different places to show off your armor, weapons, and collectibles, as well as the beautiful places to read, smith, charm, cook, and do alchemy. The design combined with the cave setting is very interesting, and the story about Rayek adds a cool touch that makes it feel even more real.

Dragon’s Keep

If you are sure you can do a much better job than Charles Xavier, it’s time for you to take over Dragon’s Keep. Here, both kids and adults work on their magic skills and learn important things about life and history. We think this because of how nice the school is.

Really, this is just a nice mod to have so that all of the kids have a place to go and you don’t have to take care of everyone. You can also make Skyrim a little bit better, and you’ll get a cool Dragon’s Nest. Its best features are its six stabled horses, large underground armory, huge kitchen, and magical mirrors that let you change your look for free.

Magical College Of Winterhold

So, you’ve chosen to run the College of Winterhold. It has seen better days, but you can make the changes it needs to get back to its former greatness! This mod makes a lot of changes to the College’s layout and style, which makes it feel more like it is being cared for and used as a place of higher education.

If you use this with the Immersive College mod, it will feel even more alive as new possible mages move in. You get all the features of the original plan, plus a better starting room and a better place for the Archmage to live. There are also new places in the Arcaneum where you can make spells and get magical buffs. Lastly, a lot of materials are nicely arranged and ready to be used for enchantments and alchemy, while old stuff that doesn’t belong is zapped away.

Skystone Castle

You don’t think vanilla homes are big enough? Sounds like you need a home fit for a king or queen. After all, a shack in Riften isn’t enough for a Dovah who could be in charge of every single group in every single hold.

If you like games with cool buildings, you’ll want to get the Skystone Castle. Sure, it’s a huge 60,000 gold, but for a property of this quality, you can’t really expect anything less. To be fair, this price does come with a whole crew of guards that you can order as followers, horses, a bar, all the crafting and storage space you need with its many wings, and even a throne that you can sit on with full pretension.

Aemer’s Refuge

The grand rooms of Aemer’s Refuge live up to their name and offer a lot of comfort. You have access to portals that link all of your player rooms together, making it easy to move around. You also get an auto-sort feature that can put all of your loot into containers based on the type of thing.

It takes some time to get used to the long and winding Dwemer paths, but it has been a player choice for a long time because it has everything you need and doesn’t get boring to walk through. It has traits that make it good for a Dragonborn who has already spent a few hundred hours in the world, but even Dragonborn who have just left Helgen will want to take refuge here.

Portable Homes For The Wandering Dovah

Why stick to just one place? Use the Haven Bag for the Special Edition or the Home in a Hat for the Anniversary Edition to make your home truly portable. The second one is better because it has an extra layer of warmth and usefulness, making it a safe place you can wear like a hat.

It’s a silly idea that almost goes against the story of Skyrim, but it works if you like a bit of silliness in your games. Both of the mods are great, so which one you choose depends on your tastes and the version of Slope Game you have (because of assets).

Elysium Estate

You’ll find the cozy Elysium Estate right next to Pelagia Farm. You will need Kynareth’s blessing to own the house, but as luck would have it, you are the ultimate hero of Skyrim, full of fate and dragon souls.

It’s a great place to start a family, especially if you have mods for your spouse and kids that you need to work together. Even if you’re a lone wolf, though, this is a great house mod that is set in what this world could call “prime real estate.” It also has all the things you need, but isn’t too big. It has an outdoor pool and patio, among other things.


Blackthorn Manor is a part of Blackthorn, a major town-rebuilding mod. It’s a big project with a lot of building choices. Why just build a house when you could build an entire town?

It’s also a fun way to make the town more friendly as you bring it back to life. In return for your work, you get new shops, smithing areas, ways to show off your work, gardens, and a player home that is worth living in. If you don’t want to build everything, you can also run a patch that builds Blackthorn before you get there, so it’s ready to go when you get there.


How about putting down roots? This fun and welcoming house mod adds a cozy Telvanni mushroom that is ready for you to move in. Even though there isn’t much room, every nook and hole is filled with great furniture and clutter that feels right.

You don’t have to worry about things going everywhere because the clutter has already been put in place and put into containers with labels. Here, it’s easy to sort your loot, and there’s a small pond where you can get rid of enchantments and smithing improvements. The atmosphere is a breath of fresh air.

Aki’s Tower

Aki’s Tower does a great job of showing how out of this world Skyrim is. This tower is great for witches and people who collect books, but any Dragonborn can enjoy having a tower in the sky. It looks like the tower came to life and ripped itself out of the ground with legs that look like tree trunks. This makes it a dangerous place that is safe from enemies but dangerous for people who aren’t careful.

Every little thing adds to the magic, from the long-buried bodies under the tower to the ghost who lives there and will help you if you’re in trouble.

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