15 Similar Games To Play Like Dungeons & Dragons

by Atak Arple

Dungeons and Dragons might be the most well-known tabletop RPG, but fans will also enjoy these other games.

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the best-known role-playing games ever made. Modern Dungeons & Dragons, which came out in 1974, has a lot of different classes, quests, and spinoff items. D&D also has crossover adventures with other media brands, like the famous Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons, which brings together the fantasy and science fiction worlds.The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons led many businesses to make their own versions of the game.

Dungeons & Dragons has changed a lot about games, including a lot of TTRPGs that are already out there and a lot of new ones. Even right now, new games are coming out that take players to interesting, large worlds.What started out as a way to find fun in mediaeval fantasy has grown to include Star Wars, Lovecraftian horror, and even feudal Japan.

Kids on Bikes

Kids on Bikes is a Kickstarter project that was inspired by the setting of Stranger Things. Role-playing adventures take place in a strange small town and follow D&D rules with an 80s movie look. As the game goes on, the Dungeon Master and the players can work together to build the story and world.

The game doesn’t take place in the same place as the popular TV show, but it does come with a compelling main plot and several fun modules and variations. There is a Christmas version, as well as Teens in Space, which is a role-playing game set in space, and Kids on Brooms, which is a module set in a magical school.

Pathfinder 2E

The second version of Pathfinder, which is based on D&D 3.5, has been released. Many things have been changed in the new version of the popular TTRPG to make it work better. Some people say that this version’s combat is a bit more boring than the original, but it still has more to give than the original did and is still the best choice for games like Dungeons & Dragons.

The XP system, being able to use more than one class, feats, and races were also changed. Pathfinder 2E is a great addition for TTRPG players who want to play more than one.

Star Wars Roleplaying

Have you ever wished you could be a dirty pirate who flies all over the Star Wars universe? Have you ever wanted to hunt for money like the famous Boba Fett? Or maybe you could be the princess who is good with a gun. Fans of the science fiction series can pick up one of four games for the Star Wars gaming system.

Age of Rebellion, The Force Awakens, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny are all available. Each game uses the same rules, so it’s easy to learn them all.


Shadowrun is one of many games like Dungeons & Dragons that are based on science fiction. It came out in 1989 and gave people their first taste of cybernetics and crime. Today, this type of story is called “cyberpunk,” and there is a booming market for it.

In this game, players can choose to add robotic implants to their characters to make them stronger. Shadowrun still lets you use magic if you want a more fantasy-style game. This game is a must-have for anyone who likes role-playing games.

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is always a favourite among horror fans who like the Lovecraftian style.This game is based on the same-named Lovecraft book and lets role-playing lovers solve crimes and find out about mysteries in the realm of madness.

One player works as the Keeper of Arcane Lore and leads the other players through the story. This game is now in its seventh edition, which means that it has become famous enough to have many different versions.


MORK BORG says that sometimes it’s good to be bad, and he urges people to be their worst selves. The name means “Dark Castle” in Swedish, and a lot of the art is inspired by heavy metal music. The game is rough and doesn’t try to hide it. It’s made for adults who don’t mind a dark, gritty story.

MORK BORG is in a type called “Old School Revival,” which means it’s more like TTRPGs from the 1970s than newer ones. That means there aren’t many rules and it’s based on D20 rolls. The website has most of the tools that players need, like a character maker and creation sheets that can be used online or printed out.

Cyberpunk 2020

This role-playing game takes players to a bleak 2020 that looks like it was made in the 1980s. High-tech weapons, serums that boost performance, and cybernetic upgrades are all part of the scene or gameplay.

In Cyberpunk 2020, cloning and out-of-control AI will take the players on the ride of their lives. This series has four games that you can play, and each one has more of the famous Cyberpunk style.

Quests Of Yore

Once upon a time, Pixar made a movie called “Onward” that was a big hit. Quests of Yore is used as a stand-in for D&D in that movie. Instead of taking the idea and making a crossover with D&D, Disney chose to work with The OP Games to bring the fantasy roleplaying game to life.

The box set comes with a guide, cards, coins, and sheets, everything the Quest Master needs to play the game with a group of friends. Barley and Ian, who are the two main characters in the movie, are the ones who write the book.

13th Age

One of the games on this list that is most like D&D is 13th Age. It’s a great way to tell a story in an RPG, and it can draw people into the story. It was made around the same time as the fifth version of Dungeons & Dragons, and it has even been up for awards.

“One unique thing” is one of the things that makes this game stand out. This lets the player make a figure that is different from all the others. Players can make them look like their own versions of Marvel heroes or Lord of the Rings characters. This can be a part of a character’s mechanics that helps them in a mission or just something unique about them.

Risus: The Anything RPG

Risus: The Anything RPG lets players make it whatever they want. Risus has a system based on character clichés instead of skills and classes. Because of this, the game is funny and a lot of fun to play any time. It also makes it easier to make figures in minutes instead of spending hours or even days on them.

The open rules of this RPG make it great for families. There are also a lot of pre-made missions that players can use until they can make their own. The best thing about this RPG is that you don’t have to pay to get it.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

The popular Fallout video game series has now been made into a board RPG by Modiphius. In games like Dungeons & Dragons, players can make their own vault dwellers and travel through the wastelands to find out what happened to the old world.

If being a vault dweller sounds boring, players can always be a Mr. Handy robot or even a super monster instead. The famous 2D20 method is used to help play Penalty Kick Online game, but it might take a while to get used to it.

Bunkers & Badasses

Bunkers & Badasses is a new type of tabletop role-playing game made by Nerdvana. If you’ve played the Borderlands games, you might know this RPG from the popular DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.

This DLC came up with the joke version of D&D. Even though it may be based on Dungeons & Dragons, Borderlands is a very different game. Players can pick any of the vault hunter types from the first two games and go out to find their own vaults.

Dragon Age RPG

Dragon Age, a popular fantasy RPG video game series by BioWare, plays a lot like Dungeons & Dragons, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is also a board version of the game. Players can live in the whole world of Thedas and make complex characters just like they do in the games.

This Dragon Age RPG will be easy for all players to learn and get into, whether they have been playing TTRPGs for a long time, are fans of Dragon Age, or are new to RPGs in general. With a unique dice system made up of 6D6 and a “dragon die,” players will be able to end battles and social interactions in exciting ways that are different from what other RPGs offer.

Coyote & Crow The Roleplaying Game

Coyote & Crow is a fun post-colonial game with a unique cultural theme instead of the same old tired stereotypes. Several modules and similar games from the same developers are made by a business with the same name. Their goal is to bring real indigenous voices into gaming.

The game takes place in a version of North America in which colonisation never happened. There is a lot of information about the history and magic in the tales. It uses a D12 method that is meant to be quick and easy, getting the player through both battles and the story.

World of Darkness

World of Darkness is different from other TTRPGs because it combines a unique urban fantasy setting with a shared world to make stories that are both unique and memorable. The game takes place in an alternate, more corrupt version of our world. Players take on the roles of vampires, werewolves, and mages who quietly try to change human society. The game has inspired a lot of other works that are similar to it.

World of Darkness is a bit more complicated than the average role-playing game because it has a number of books that describe the different races and parts of the world. The end result, though, is a unique RPG experience that puts a lot of emphasis on personal stories and bigger ideas.

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