6 Open-World Games Where You Can Go Straight To The Final Battle

by Atak Arple

Sometimes, the final boss doesn’t have to be fought for thirty or forty hours. With these games, fans can find them in just a few minutes.

Some of the best games in the genre are open-world games that let you explore with little involvement. But there’s always a point where the story ends, and most of the time that means facing the big bad. No matter if a player is a human, a monster, or a machine, the skills and gear they get over hours of games help them get ready for the fight ahead.

But sometimes it takes a long time to beat an open-world game. Players who have already played the game may not want to spend hours exploring and going on tasks to reach the end of the game. There are, however, a few open-world games that let players go straight to the final boss and even give them a chance to beat them, no matter how well they are prepared.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

During speedruns of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, many players have shown that it is possible to face Calamity Ganon as soon as possible. All you have to do to leave the Great Plateau is finish the jobs you need to. For example, you need to collect four spirit orbs from the shrines around the tutorial area and give them to the Old Man in exchange for his glider.

Once this is done, players can either continue with the story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or go straight to Hyrule Castle to fight Calamity Ganon. If they picked the second option, Link would only have three hearts, no Master Sword, and no Divine Beasts or special skills to help him in battle. Ganon and the other blights can be beaten this way, but players need to be very skilled, determined, and brave.

Two Worlds

Gandohar, a dark wizard who works for a secret group that kidnaps the Hero’s sister Kira, is one of the first people the Hero meets in Two Worlds. Later, it turns out that Gandohar is the leader of this secret group and was behind the plan to kidnap them.

Usually, it takes between 30 and 40 hours to finish the game. However, players were once able to get around this with a glitch that has since been fixed. YouTuber Shaddex called it “one of the most broken games of all time.” He was able to speedrun it in three minutes by tricking the dark wizard into throwing a fireball at an NPC in the first village who didn’t know what was going on. The rest of the villagers then fought back and killed him.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13

Even though some people didn’t like Final Fantasy 13, it was the fastest-selling game in the series and led to one of the best spin-offs in the series. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 takes place 500 years after the first story. Its main character wakes up from crystal sleep to save the world in 13 days. Even though the god Bhunivelze picked him for this job, it turns out that he had other plans, so Lightning has to fight him.

The fact that they have to face Bhunivelze within thirteen in-game days is one of the things that makes Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 stand out from other games. By resting, players can skip these days and go straight to the final boss fight, even though they are not ready at all. But people who have already finished the game the normal way can access a New Game+ save. This lets them skip the days and fight Bhunivelze again while keeping their stat boosts, weapons, and items.

Tales Of Zestiria

Even though fans have different feelings about the game, Tales of Zestiria has passed the test of time because it can be played over and over again. And one thing that works in the player’s favour is that the game’s final boss, Heldalf, can be beaten at any time, but only if the player is aware, ready, and willing to fight.

Even though it is possible to beat Heldalf as soon as possible, it is much easier to do so in New Game+ because the characters’ stats and things are carried over, which gives them extra bonuses. But in Tales of Zestiria, players have more control over what they keep thanks to the grade shop. In the grade shop, players can also buy upgrades for their gear and other perks based on the levels they get from the seven Lords of the Land.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is still a well-liked game twenty years after it came out, and people are still making changes to it. But one of the coolest things about Backrooms game is that players can go straight to the end boss, Dagoth Ur, at any time during a playthrough.

At the start of the game, the player is told that Dagoth Ur lives under the Red Mountain. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind has a story to finish, but there’s nothing stopping players from going to Red Mountain and facing the creepy final boss. But to win, players must destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, which makes Dagoth Ur invincible during his second stage. This can only be done with certain things that you get as you go through the main story.

NieR: Automata

Since it came out in 2017, NieR: Automata’s story has continued to blow fans away. But some fans have played the game so much that they have found a way to beat Eve, the game’s end boss, after they have finished the prologue.

Lance McDonald, a game modder, found a cheat code for NieR: Automata in 2021 that lets players “skip to the last ending right after killing the first boss and unlock the bonus mode,” as they wrote on Twitter. McDonald says that this is not a bug, but rather “an actual cheat code hard-coded into the engine.” He told the game’s director, Yoko Taro, about what he found, and she was just as surprised as he was. Polygon says that in order for all players to beat Marx, they must put 2B between two barrels, hold R2, and “press up, down, up, right, left, square, circle, triangle, and cross.”

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