Action Figure Box: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right One

Learn why action figure boxes are important to fans and collectors. Find out how these crates may improve and safeguard your collection of action figures.

by Nick Ryan

Are you interested in collecting action figures or searching for a means of safeguarding your kids’ cherished toys? You may have even considered purchasing an action figure box. But how can you choose the best one when there are so many options? Everything you need to know about action figure boxes, including their varieties, materials, sizes, and more, will be covered in this book.

What is an Action Figure Box?

The purpose of an action figure box is to preserve your action figures from dust, scratches, and other harm. They come in a range of sizes, from tiny single-figure boxes to enormous multi-figure boxes, and are built of diverse materials including plastic, acrylic, and cardboard.

Action Figure Box Types

Display Boxes

Window boxes are containers with a transparent window made of plastic or acrylic on the front so you can view the action figure inside. Collectors often use these boxes since they are wonderful for displays.

box blinds

Blind boxes are containers without windows that include a surprise action figure. These containers are often used in blind bag collections, where the contents of the bag remain unknown until the box is opened by the purchaser.

Postal boxes

Boxes called “mailer boxes” are made to be sent by the mail. The action figurines are protected while delivery by extra cushioning and strong cardboard.

Floating Boxes

Action figures may be displayed within pop-up boxes, which feature a unique mechanism that enables them to pop up and do so. They often serve as store displays.

Boxes for storage

Action figure storage boxes are containers made specifically for this purpose. They come in different sizes and are excellent for maintaining organization and security for your collection.

Components of Action Figure Boxes


The cheapest material used to make action figure packaging is cardboard. It is recyclable, lightweight, and simple to handle.

What to Take into Account When Selecting an Action Figure Box Size

The size of your action figure will determine the size of the action figure box you need. To allow for any accessories or movement, be sure to measure your figure and choose a box that is somewhat bigger than it.


Based on the function of your box, think about the material you want to use to make it. Cardboard or Kraft would be a great option if you wanted to showcase your action figure. Cardboard can be a more cost-effective choice if you want to store or transport your figurines.


Think on the degree of protection your action figures need. A box with additional cushioning and protection is required if you want to send or transport them. If all you’re doing is storing them, a standard box will do.

Price Depending on the kind, size, and material, action figure boxes may range in price. Choose a box based on your requirements and preferences while keeping your budget in mind.


Collectors and parents who want to safeguard their action figures would be wise to invest in an action figure box. There is the ideal box for you out there, whether you need it for storage or exhibition. You may select the best box to protect your action figures by taking into account the aforementioned aspects.


Can I store my action figures in any box?

Although you theoretically may use any box to keep your action figures, it is advised to do so to guarantee optimum protection and appropriate fit.

Specifically for collectors, are action figure boxes?

Not just for collectors, action figure boxes exist. They are also fantastic for parents who wish to organize and safeguard their kids’ action figures.

Do my action figures fit inside the box to display?

Yes, a lot of action figure boxes—particularly ones with transparent windows—are made with exhibition in mind. They preserve your action figures while allowing you to display them.

How should an action figure box be cleaned?

An action figure box is comparatively easy to clean. To carefully clean the box’s surface, use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Use water and a mild soap solution to remove stubborn grime or fingerprints. Just be sure to completely dry the box before reintroducing your action figures.

Can I make my action figure packaging my own?

Yes, there are customizing choices for certain action figure packaging. To customize the box and make it exclusive to your collection, you may add stickers, labels, or even your own drawings.

To maintain the quality and worth of your action figures, use the appropriate action figure box. To locate the ideal box that matches your demands, take into account aspects like size, substance, protection, and pricing. You may enjoy your action figures for many years to come if they are packaging properly.

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