Anniversary Jewellery Gifts for Every Year

by Mangesh Shinde

Confused on what to purchase your beloved for your anniversary this year? We can assist! There is the ideal piece of jewellery to help you remember the time you’ve spent together, whether you’ve been dating for a year or sixty. Let’s look at the finest methods to merge these themes into contemporary jewellery presents that your sweetheart will wear and adore that are nonetheless representative of traditional anniversary gifts that revolve around a certain material for each significant year.  

Customary Anniversary Presents

According to this custom, a certain material or subject is associated with each anniversary year and is intended to be included into a gift. Even while the habit of presenting anniversary presents that link each year to a certain material may have originated in Ancient Rome, there isn’t much evidence to support this claim. It first gained popularity in the 1800s, and over the ages, it has undergone several changes. As a relationship develops, the presents are supposed to become more valuable. Using symbolism is a wonderful strategy for these anniversary presents since you can play on the subject to make it work for you. However, you don’t have to take each milestone literally; you can make it work for you.

Ideas for Jewellery Anniversary Gifts

Here are some of our favourite jewellery anniversary gift suggestions for every year so you can keep loyal to tradition while yet adding your own unique flair:

First year: paper

This is a great anniversary for you! Give your spouse something they can wear frequently while still paying homage to the paper theme rather than just giving them a card: think about giving them a paper clip pendant necklace (like this one from our sister company, Miki & Jane) or a straightforward paper clip chain bracelet. These fashions play with the idea of paper’s history without taking it too literally, and they are both understated enough for daily wear and distinctive enough to make a special gift.

Second year: Cotton

Year two offers an opportunity to truly think outside the (jewellery) box because cotton isn’t a material that is often utilised in jewellery. Find jewellery that your lover would adore, and as a reference to the customary anniversary motif, send a cotton polishing cloth with it. Even a personalised slogan, your wedding date, or the name of your spouse can be embroidered on the fabric. Keeping a gorgeous polishing cloth on hand is particularly helpful because we advise using one every time you wear your artificial jewellery sets.

Third year: leather

There are many intriguing leather jewellery items available, such as lariat necklaces, braided bracelets, and lightweight earrings. But if you want to give your lover something classic that they can wear every day, go for a classy leather watch band. You may even have something special engraved on the watch to go above and beyond.

Year Four: Flowers or Fruit

Choose a fully unique piece of jewellery as your fourth anniversary gift if you want to include flowers in it. Choose the blossom that was on your wedding day or your partner’s favourite flower, then attach a couple of its petals in a resin pendant. This will not only result in a stunning design and a totally one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, but it will also retain your priceless memories so that your spouse will reflect on them each time they wear it.

Five years: Wood

Your companion will require a dedicated location to store all of their jewellery after receiving presents for the past five years. Consider purchasing a wooden jewellery dish or stand to fit the wood anniversary theme so your partner can show off all their priceless possessions and the memories they represent.

Sixth year: Iron

Household items like cast iron skillets or even iron sculptures are common choices for sixth anniversary presents. With jewellery, you may be literal or creative: choose an iron bracelet with a significant symbol engraved on it, a straightforward solid iron ring, or a pendant with Iron & Wine lyrics etched on it.

Seventh year: Copper

Find your loved one a lovely copper medallion or a fortunate penny pendant that they may hang from their favourite chain or necklace for year seven. A fascinating option are bracelets made of malleable copper, while rings made from copper coins can take surprising forms. Many pieces of jewellery utilise copper as a base metal, but you should be aware that this substance frequently aggravates those who have metal allergies, so you should first find out if your spouse has any sensitivity.

Eighth year: Bronze

Bronze naturally lends itself to a more traditional form of jewellery that is frequently drawn from antiquity. To keep jewellery in style, search for an antique locket that already has a nice patina or an elaborate bronze jewellery box. Jewellery boxes are a wonderful method to keep jewellery safe and secure, and they are also attractive in and of themselves. (Since bronze frequently contains copper, heed the warnings about metal sensitivity when purchasing bronze.)

Nineth year: pottery

Pottery is just like jewellery in that it may be any colour, any form, and any size. Consider a set of clay earrings or jewellery created with clay beads as an alternative to the customary present of a vase or planter. A traditional jewellery collection can benefit greatly from the additional fascinating textures and patterns that clay jewellery frequently gives opportunity for.

The tenth year: Tin or Aluminium

Searching for a horseshoe pendant is a more original way to commemorate this occasion than purchasing tin jewellery. Aluminium horseshoes were once thought to represent protection and good fortune. That keeps you on topic for year 10 and has the added benefit of some magic that can be worn!

15th year: Crystal

While crystal anniversary presents typically come in the form of delicate drinkware or home décor, if you seek for crystal jewellery, you may make your gift a bit more transportable. There are many different crystal types, and many people think that each type has a particular significance. This present will be cherished, regardless of whether you select a crystal based on its meaning (such as opal for luck and happiness or jade for longevity and health).

20th year: porcelain

Look for attractive patterned earrings that replicate the flowery patterns you may see on an antique porcelain vase or tea set instead of conventional dishware. A lovely approach to honour the twentieth anniversary theme without sounding too dated is with a glossy, enamel-coated pendant with a texture evocative of fine porcelain.

Twenty-Fiveth Year: Silver

The choices are unlimited when you transform the silver anniversary custom into a jewellery gift: sterling silver may be fashioned into a classy bracelet, a set of refined earrings, or a bright pendant. You may easily select a piece that complements your partner’s style with this sort of present because you can go current, sophisticated, simple, vintage, or flamboyant.

30th year: pearls

There are so many different sizes, hues, and designs of pearl jewellery. Classic pearl jewellery includes earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that come in either dazzling white or dark opalescent hues. An exquisite and classic jewellery material, pearls are a lovely way to commemorate three decades of marriage.

Years 35 and 35: Coral

Many stunning pieces of jewellery replace actual coral for vivid coral-colored enamel or utilise coral that has been responsibly acquired. The vivid orangey red hue that we typically associate with coral may be used to create eye-catching statement necklaces, thick bracelets, and drop earrings.

Year Forty: Ruby Rubies are a lovely metaphor for 40 years of marriage since they have a passionate red hue and are more resilient than other valuable stones. The face of your loved one will be framed by a beautiful ruby necklace set in silver or gold or by a vibrant pair of ruby earrings. Since July’s birthstone is the ruby, giving a present in honour of your partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary might be very special.

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