Choosing the Perfect Silk Salwar Suit: Advice for Looking Your Ethnic Best

by Mangesh Shinde

Indian ladies frequently wear the salwar kameez. Women hold the outfit in high regard largely because of its ease and adaptability. Salwar suits come in a range of shapes, patterns, and colours and are perfect for every occasion. A salwarkameez is the ideal way to dress traditionally and stylishly while yet feeling comfortable, no matter the circumstance.

A salwar suit is what?

Let’s first define a salwar suit before getting more specific about the newest trends in salwar suits and how to pick the best one.

An Indian woman of any age or community can be seen wearing a traditional combination garment called a salwar suit. A salwar suit, also known as a salwarkameez or a Punjabi suit, is made up largely of a tunic, a pair of pants and a dupatta. A long shirt or tunic with side seams that are left open below the waist to allow for more movement is known as a kameez. A kind of trousers known as a salwar has a broad waist and a small bottom hem.

How do you pick the salwarkameez that enhances your beauty the best?

The present forms of the clothing have undergone several changes and variations in style over time. Women today dress in a variety of salwarkameez designs, which combine traditional and modern fashions.

The best advice on how to pick a salwar suit that will highlight your delectable Indian appearance is provided here.


You may learn how to measure a salwarkameez by following these simple guidelines. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to acquire accurate salwarkameez measurements and get a dress that fits your figure perfectly.

Simple advice: Always purchase clothing that is 3–4 inches looser than your body size.

• You can choose comfortable items from your closet to determine what size you should buy.

Measure your bust accurately by encircling it fully with the measuring tape and your arms.

Waist: To measure your waist correctly, place the tape measure above your stomach and below your bust.

Wrap the measuring tape over your hips to acquire an accurate measurement of your hips.


Start the measuring tape at your naval and let it run down to your ankle to determine your salwar height.

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How do I decide on suit colours?

Salwar suits are a fundamental item of attire for ladies of all ages. Colours for salwar suits include red, white, pink, green, purple, orange, sky blue, and many more. How do you decide on a suit colour when faced with this dilemma? Always consider your silhouette and the event you are purchasing the salwar kameez for.

Type of occasion or event

For activities that take place during the day and those that take place at night, you must wear various colours of salwarkameez. For daylight events, choose lighter colours like white, yellow, pearl, peach, sky blue, or mauve; for nighttime events, choose darker colours like red, orange, purple, or green.

Type of body

A solid colour salwar suit in tones of black, navy blue, bottle green, deep purple, and brown is a better choice if you wish to appear leaner. To seem heavier, use light-coloredsalwar suits in shades like white, baby pink, mauve, peach, violet, and lavender.

Colours and patterns in prints

A salwarkameez in a solid colour offers the impression of height. For formal occasions or celebrations, choose a variety of colours. Vertical colour prints make you look taller and more slender, while concentrated colour schemes create the impression that you are leaner.

How should salwar suit designs be chosen?

It’s crucial to stay current with salwar kameez styles if you want to improve your sense of fashion and style. You may be guaranteed to look your best at any event if you choose a silk salwar suit. A beautiful selection of silk salwar suit patterns are available on the market to complement your wardrobe. To improve your sense of style and stay current with trends, consider experimenting with various designs.


The straight kameez is the most traditional salwar suit ever. This kind of clothing can be paired with a salwar or churidar bottom.

C-cut pattern

To show off your sense of modern style, use the high-low look or the c-cut salwar suit style. For events like weddings, religious services, festivals, etc., pick a c-cut design.


A front slit salwar suit has a split running from the middle to the bottom of the kameez’s front. To demonstrate how well you can combine traditional and modern styles, go for a front-slit silk salwar suit.


Angrakhakameez’s asymmetric opening is tied or secured at the chest using loops or thread ties. With these modern salwarkameez styles, you seem regal.


Because they are simpler to wear, palazzo kurta sets are popular. Palazzo trousers and a kameez look great together.


The jacket-style salwar suit consists of a jacket, kameez, and salwar. Let your Indian appearance speak for itself by donning a silk salwarsuit in the manner of a jacket.


Flared gowns called anarkali salwar suits online are appropriate for social events, weddings, and festivals. These costumes depict a special combination of tradition and fashion that distinguishes women.


Wearing and transporting a sharara salwar suit is simple. A sharara silk salwar suit is appropriate for formal occasions like weddings and festivities.


For their cosy fit, the loose-fitting Patiala trousers are popular. If you want to look your best while keeping it simple, silk Patiala suits are in keeping with contemporary suit style.

The finest prices can be found at Swarajshop Silk House on a variety of silk salwar suit styles. We understand that having salwar fabric altered to fit current trends might be difficult, therefore we have created the newest salwar kameez patterns so you can pick the ones that best reflect your character and aura.

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