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In the new millennium, family law has grown far from the old institution that we knowof in the older days. At present, family law cases cover everything from child custody cases to prenuptial agreements to domestic violence restraining orders.

If your issue involves family relationships, there is a need to consult a family attorney.

As of the last time, the practice of Family Law Tweed Heads covers many more subspecialties now. Some family law attorneys focus exclusively on divorce and related issues. Many adoption attorneys are into working with the government agencies as well.


Some of the most common family lawcases involves divorces.In a divorce case, the couple will split their assets and liabilities and determine child custody and visitation rights.

It will be good if both spouses will find the need to understand family law. The end result would be that they can make informed decisions regarding their divorce.  If not, both or either spouse might end up making decisions that are not in their best interests.

As it is, divorce is the most common reason people consult a family law attorney. Unfortunately, statistics show that around half of all marriages end in divorce.

The need for an attorney is the help you get on matters related to marital property division, alimony or spousal support, and other issues.

Child custody

One of the main concerns when parents get divorcedis usually on child custody. In most cases, both parents want custody of their children. However, there are times when only one parent is awarded custody and the other is given visitation rights.

When it comes to child custody cases, the most important thing is what is best for the child. To determine what is best for the child, the court will consider a variety of factors,.

This includes the parents’ wishes, family and medical histories, relationships with family members, evidence of child abuse or neglect in the family home, a history of substance abuse by either parent, and so on.

Child support

Child custody and child support may be part of the total divorce process or is regarded as a separate legal proceedings. Often parents can agree on everything else but argue over child custody and visitation rights.

An attorney can help in discussing about parenting and custody arrangements and making the process much easier. This could also include such items as paternity issues.

There are technicalities and loopholes that allow a parent to avoid paying support. They may be brought before the court if one party does not receive their payment regularly or at all.


Adoption is an incredibly rewarding process, but it can also be complex and emotional. When you adopt a child, it can mean the difference between that child having a family or not.

However, the process is long and difficult. Many private adoption agencies have their own attorneys on retainer to ensure they have legal advice on standby. Adoptive parents should always consult an attorney before and during an adoption.

In many cases, the stepparents will adopt their spouse’s children to ensure they have legal rights to care for them in the event of a divorce.

There are also instances when a family member, such as a grandparent, may adopt a child. This can be done to keep the family together or provide a home for a relative who cannot live with their birth parents.

The process of adoption usually begins with an evaluation of the potential adoptive family by a social worker. The social worker will then assess whether the family is ready for adoption and if the family will meet the child’s needs.

Termination of Parental Rights

The termination of parental rights is a legal process that can result in the ending of the parental relationship of a parent and child. Several reasons can result this situation.

One example includes the parent abandoning the child. Another could be the inability to cre for the child or being convicted of a crime.


This is a legal relationship between two parties, which is established when one person has the authority to make decisions for another party. This is done voluntarily (or maybe involuntarily).

Guardianship, the legal process of caring for a child without adopting, is sometimes done by family members when the parents of a minor child are unavailable or unfit to care for the child.

Guardianship is a complex legal matter that requires legal advice before the family member can proceed. A minor child becomes a ward of the state because the child’s environment is hazardous to the child’s well-being. The parents may have an attorney appointed if there are criminal charges.

Amicable Problem Solving

Family law is generally seen as a family friendly system that offers people where they can solve their family disputes most effectively and efficiently.

However, this is not always possible and litigation becomes necessary to resolve family law issues, like for example child custody or property division cases. Family law is regarded as important because it provides family members a mechanism to solve their family disputes most effectively and efficiently.

Other Family Law Areas

Prenuptial agreements define spouses’ rights to marital property before marriage. Couples with existing businesses or real estate often want to protect their rights in the event of a divorce.

State laws require both parties to have the agreements reviewed by their own attorneys. A postnuptial agreement gives the same protection after the wedding.

There might be a need for restraining and protective orders which sometimes are part of the divorce proceedings. If there are allegations of domestic violence, an attorney may include a request for a restraining order with the petition.

Some people who don’t want to involve the police may come to a family law office for help in getting a protective order from the court.

Estate planning may also be part of family law for forward-thinking couples. Most couples don’t think of wills and trusts because either they are vaguely aware of them, or they are not yet old. Planning the disposition of property and guardianship of children in an emergency is essential.

Importance of Family Law

Family law is very important because it helps to protect family units. When family law is followed properly, it can help families deal with problems amicably. This way is also the best resolution.


It is important for families to be aware of family law cases that may apply to them and to seek legal help if they need it. A family law case can involve a divorce, child custody battle, or even an adoption.

These family law cases are important and will have a lasting impact on the family members involved. Families must understand what to expect in each situation and how they can protect themselves legally.

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