How to Measure Windows for Perfectly Fitting Curtains?

by Hasnain Malik

Curtains have a significant impact on a room’s overall attractiveness when it comes to home decor. To achieve a polished and stylish look, it’s essential to have curtains that fit perfectly on your windows. In this article, we will guide you through the process of measuring your windows accurately to ensure your curtains fit flawlessly, transforming your living spaces into cozy and beautiful areas.

1. Gather Your Tools

Online Curtains provide expert guides about measuring windows. Before you begin, ensure you have the necessary tools for accurate measurements. You will need a measuring tape, a notepad, and a pen or pencil to jot down the measurements.

2. Measure the Curtain Rod Length

The first step in getting perfectly fitting curtains is to measure the length of your curtain rod. Start by taking a measurement of the window frame’s width. Add a few inches on both sides to allow the curtains to cover the entire window properly and prevent light from seeping through when they are closed.

3. Determine the Curtain Height

Next, measure the height of your windows. Begin by measuring from the top of the curtain rod to where you want the curtains to fall. For a more traditional look, the curtains should end slightly above the floor. If you prefer a modern aesthetic, you can have the curtains touch the floor or even puddle slightly for a luxurious effect.

4. Consider Curtain Fullness

To achieve an elegant and full look, consider the curtain fullness. Typically, curtains are 1.5 to 3 times wider than the window’s width. If you want a more gathered appearance, go for a higher fullness ratio.

5. Account for Curtain Header and Hem

When measuring, remember to account for the curtain header and hem. The header is the top part of the curtain that goes on the curtain rod, while the hem is the bottom part that provides weight and keeps the curtains hanging nicely.

6. Double Check Measurements

Double-check all your measurements to ensure accuracy. Small mistakes can lead to ill-fitting curtains, so take your time to be precise.

7. Consider the Type of Curtains

The type of curtains you choose will impact your measurements. Different curtain styles, such as grommet-top, tab-top, or rod pocket curtains, may require slightly different measurements.

8. Seek Professional Advice

If you are unsure about measuring or find it challenging to get accurate measurements, consider seeking advice from a professional interior designer or curtain specialist. They can guide you through the process and help you achieve the best results.

9. Where to Buy Curtains

Once you have your measurements, you can start shopping for curtains. Look for reputable home decor stores or online retailers that offer a wide selection of curtains in various styles and fabrics.

10. Custom-Made Curtains

If you have unique window sizes or prefer a personalized touch, consider investing in custom-made curtains. Custom curtains are tailored to your specific measurements, ensuring a perfect fit and allowing you to choose from a vast range of fabrics and designs.

11. Installing the Curtains

Once you have your curtains, it’s time to install them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully or seek assistance from a professional if needed. Proper installation ensures that your curtains hang beautifully and last longer.

12. Maintaining Your Curtains

Maintaining your curtains on a regular basis is essential to keeping them looking stylish and new. Follow the care instructions provided with your curtains, and periodically clean them to remove dust and maintain their appearance.


In conclusion, measuring windows accurately is the key to perfectly fitting curtains that elevate the aesthetics of any room. Taking precise measurements, considering fullness, and choosing the right curtain type are crucial steps. Whether opting for ready-made or custom curtains, attention to detail ensures a polished look. 

Professional advice can be sought if needed. Regular maintenance will keep curtains looking fresh. Remember, curtains can transform the ambiance of your home, so invest time and effort to find the perfect fit. Get ready to enjoy a stylish, cozy, and beautiful living space with curtains that truly enhance its charm.

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