JCB Construction Equipment: Built to Last

by Parul Singh

Unreliable subcontractors and poor selection of construction equipment like Excavators or backhoe loaders can be a nightmare for any construction project. On top of that, the construction process technicalities are so consuming that project owners hardly get time to sit and access the best construction equipment.

Worry not, as we are bringing the top choices for excavator, backhoe loader and telehandler from JCB that are high on performance and economic aspects.

Top 4 Construction Equipment JCB Offers for Sustainable Construction!

1. LiuGong 950E Excavator

LiuGong 950E is a popular heavy-duty 400 HP excavator. This excavator price in India starts from Rs. 1.69 crore and goes up to Rs. 1.71 crore. Moreover, this equipment offers a great digging capacity of 6521 mm, which is great for precise digging tasks.

In addition, this one comes with a strong operating weight of 46500 Kg and has a durable bucket of 3.2 cum. Overall, it’s great equipment with a decent turning radius, ground clearance, and a strong hydraulic system.

This machine is highly suitable for digging, lifting and carrying tasks across various construction, mining & demolition sites.

2. JCB 100C1 Excavator

JCB 100C1 is a powerful 100 HP excavator, having a strong operating weight of 9733 Kg. This excavator by JCB price in India ranges between Rs.  26 – 28 Lakh. Moreover, it’s a suitable choice for precise digging tasks as it offers a max digging depth of up to 2740 mm.

This vehicle has a durable 0.6 cum bucket, suitable for carrying loads from construction sites. This popular excavator by JCB with strong hydraulics and engine power gives a new dimension to work output. It fits best for multiple industries as it can flexibly switch across construction, mining & demolition sites.

3. JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader

JCB 4DX is a well-known Backhoe Loader with a gross operating weight of 1000 Kg. In addition, a maximum height of 4950 MM offers high flexibility during diverse operations. It has a spacious 2 Cum bucket that can easily carry and transport various loads across construction sites.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is its maximum lifting capacity of 8000 Kg, which adds to the performance tenfolds. This one offers strong engine performance and decent ground clearance to support a versatile range of construction activities.

This machine can sustain 80% of activities, including construction, minor demolitions, digging landscaping, and carrying building materials.

4. JCB LOADALL 53-110 Telehandler

JCB LOADALL 53-110 is a highly popular 56 Hp Telehandler by JCB with a maximum operating weight of 3000 Kg. Moreover, its 12-meter operating height provides flexibility during diverse operations across construction sites. Operators prefer this equipment as it is highly suitable for heavy loading work. The telehandler is available in the price range of Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakh in India.

This one is well suited for maintaining utilities as it offers great functionality to reach out and over obstacles.

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