Take Your Cue From These 5 Trendy Diamond Ring Settings

by Mangesh Shinde

There are several things to think about when selecting a diamond ring: cut, carat weight, clarity, and colour all affect how much a stone is worth. The diamond ring’s setting is one aspect that is frequently disregarded.

Each setting, from the traditional solitaire to the more distinctive halo diamond ring setting, has its own distinct charm and may give jewellery a different amount of brilliance. With these five widely used diamond ring settings, you can maximise the fire and brightness of your stone.


The most traditional ring design is a single diamond placed on a plain band and is referred to as a solitaire or prong. In this style, the diamond is placed on a ring that is held in place by four to six prongs. As with The Infinito Allstar Diamond Ring, light may penetrate the diamond from all angles, showing the stone in all its magnificent splendour, glitter, and fire. If you want your diamond to be the focus of attention, this simple yet classic setting is ideal.

With our range of lab-grown AllStar Diamonds, Swarajshop raises the bar even higher for those who want the brightest brilliance. Each AllStar Diamond has 101 facets, which produces amazing light performance. and unparalleled.


The stones are arranged in a row closely spaced apart in a pavé arrangement. As a consequence, rings like the Signature II Allstar Diamond Ring and The Duet Allstar Diamond Ring appear to be covered with brilliant-cut diamonds.

The pavé setting is a great option for people who wish to maximise the size of their stone because of its stunning simplicity and clear lines, which provide more shine to the ring and give the appearance of a bigger diamond.


The eternity setting is frequently selected for its distinctive and eye-catching shape as opposed to the straightforward prong and pavé. An eye-catching appearance is created by the diamonds in this elegant design, which are set in a continuous circle around the band. Some couples interpret this as a metaphor of the unending nature of love.

Choose a half eternity setting like the Starlett Elegant Eternity Diamond Ring, which has diamonds covering only half of the band, for a more delicate appearance.


The halo setting has a distinctive elegance that is likely to draw attention, much like the eternal design. A halo of lesser diamonds surrounds the primary diamond in the piece. These rings are a smart choice for jewellery that will be worn every day since they are less prone to chip or break than other settings.

Looking for a more dramatic phrase? Dress up your finger with the Star Carat Fancy Glimmer Diamond Ring, which features an 18K white gold double halo setting that is covered with diamonds.


The rex setting, often known as the crown, is coveted for its classic yet striking form. Similar to The Helix Allstar Diamond Ring, it comprises of a ring of metal that curls around the stone to provide a crown-like appearance. A really ethereal appearance is achieved by the diamond being kept in place by claws that are concealed inside the bezel.


A diamond ring is a prized representation of connection, love, and commitment. When selecting your valuable ring, it’s crucial to take the setting into account because it can significantly affect how the stone appears in general. To really shine, it has to be taken care of and kept in a case.

Swarajshop offers a wonderful range of naturally mined diamonds as well as lab-grown diamonds, so let us assist you in choosing the ideal ring. For you to carefully keep your jewels, we now offer a variety of diamond ring cases, from straightforward velvet bags to ornate glass-fronted display boxes. Uncertain about your preferred diamond ring style or case? Visit any of our shops now to schedule a free consultation with our team!

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