by Mangesh Shinde

The idea of the evil eye has been present in numerous civilizations, from the Greeks to the Turks. It basically refers to a malicious look that is typically directed towards someone who is unaware of its implications. However, as advised by customs and civilizations, there are a variety of techniques to ward off the evil eye, from charms to amulets. But what if we gave this age-old custom of warding off the evil eye a chic and embellished twist? Imagine attracting attention while also warding off the evil eye.

But not with dull amulets and charms, but with eye-catching neckpieces, bracelets, rings, and charms. With Swarajshop’s Evil Eye Jewelry line, you can now give this time-honored custom an attractive and fashionable twist in addition to offering protection against ill omen. These evil eye jewelry pieces, which are made of sterling silver and set with semi-precious stones, will undoubtedly draw attention, whether they are worn at a party or in an office environment. This season, there are up to 10 different ways to wear evil eye jewelry:

Take a deep breath

A modern bracelet is the ideal fashion accessory that matches both ethnic and western attire. The Hamsa, a palm-shaped amulet common in the Middle East, and the Nazar, an eye-shaped charm made out of white and blue concentric circles, are two of the most well-known evil eye emblems of Eastern cultures, and they are included in Swarajshop’s Evil Eye Collection. They stand for strength, power, and resiliency. Both Hamsa and Evil Eye bracelets are made of sterling silver, American diamonds, and enamel, and both have a subtle beauty that harmonizes beautifully with your distinctive personal style.

Tango for Two

What if the Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Bracelet combined the strength of the conventional evil eye with the power of the Hamsa? The 925 sterling silver used in this exquisitely created marvel has been platinum plated to avoid corrosion. This piece of jewelry, which has been verified for its authenticity and purity, is essential for your seasonal attire. It may be worn casually with a blouse and jeans or incredibly chicly with a sophisticated party dress.

Dress Up Your Neckline

A artificial necklace sets is the one item of jewelry that truly represents what it means to be a woman. Swarajshop offers you a selection of distinctive neckpieces that honor your carefree sense of fashion. Choose between the Fearless Evil Eye Necklace and the Daring Blue Evil Eye Necklace. These magnificent neckpieces, which are made of sterling silver and have white cubic zirconia, purple synthetic, lavender synthetic, and blue cubic zirconia inlay, come with the recognizable evil-eye pendant that stands out even when one is wearing the most basic of clothing.

Two is preferable to one.

When you can have two, why choose one? The Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Necklace provides you with double protection by fusing the forces of the Evil Eye and the Hamsa. This ornament will provide peace and good vibrations since it is made of sterling silver and decorated with blue and white zirconia.

Be Every Ears

An earring may be a statement piece that enhances your appearance with both elegance and glitz. Additionally, you may pair your earrings with whatever clothing you choose. A set of earrings may be paired with any clothing, from everyday business attire to an evening gown. From Hamsa stud earrings to Evil Eye drop and hook earrings, Swarajshop provides a variety of earrings. Combine with complementary pendants and neckpieces to turn attention wherever you go. Like previous Swarajshop products, these earrings are composed of sterling silver and feature jewels like topaz and blue and white zirconia stones.

Rings: Say I Do

The ring is an ornamental item that receives very little attention. Rings may not necessarily have to be symbolic objects used in traditional marriage ceremonies. They might also be exquisite pieces of jewelry that complete your style, whether it’s for the day or the evening. Swarajshop has a variety of rings that you can easily include into your outfit. Choose between the Evil Eye Crown Rings or the Fiji Evil Eye Rings.

Make sure it fits your size!

We’d like to recommend Swarajshop’s adjustable rings, which may be worn on any finger, in keeping with the concept of rings. These rings have a golden exterior and are covered with white cubic zirconia. You can decide to give them to your loved ones as gifts or pair them together with a matching necklace. They deflect negative energy in addition to attracting good vibes.

Beautiful Pendants

A pendant is possibly the focal point of any neckpiece. A lovely pendant is a true statement piece that can provide color to even the most basic of outfits. They may be worn in both an office setting and a casual Friday night gathering since they are also quite adaptable. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to flashing a beautiful piece of jewelry around your neck, whether it be the sleek and beautiful Evil Eye Swarajshop pendant or the magnificent Boho Hamsa necklace.

Vibrant Colors

We recommend choosing an Evil Eye necklace from Swarajshop’s unique collection of colorful stone necklaces to add a pop of color to your outfit. The variety of colors, from coral red garnet to purple Amethyst, is just mind-boggling and would offer you more than enough justification to switch up your wardrobe every other day.

Small Is Lovely!

Choose these tiny, elaborately designed statement stud earrings by Swarajshop if you don’t feel like wearing long danglers or earrings. They may greatly increase your glam factor and come in both Hamsa and Evil Eye versions. These stud earrings are a girl’s greatest friend since they are ideal for a late-night out with close friends or even a crucial office presentation.

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