The 10 Best Games Like Eastward To Try

by Atak Arple

If you just finished Eastward and want to keep playing small games, these are great options.

Eastward is a shining example of a modern pixel RPG, with art, worldbuilding, characters, and a music that will make you want to play it again and again. Even though this game takes place in a world that looks a lot more worn out than our own, it feels familiar and draws you in.

If you liked spending time with Sam and John and still want more, don’t worry. There are a lot of other games that have the same spirit and feel as Eastward, but in their own way. Whether it’s the art style, the story, or the gameplay, these games should satisfy your cravings.

Little Witch In The Woods

When you play the part of the Little Witch in the Woods, you get to explore a world that is both relaxing and fascinating. This game draws you in with its charming world, foraging, and potion-making features, but its lovable characters and encyclopaedia really keep you interested.

Even though the game is still in Early Access, the world already feels full and alive with side quests. It also doesn’t hurt that the music does a great job of setting a cosy mood.

Hyper Light Drifter

The look and feel of Hyper Light Drifter is mesmerising, and the world is full of a dark but colourful atmosphere. This game is a great example of how pixel images can be used to create a lot of different styles.

There’s a lot of mystery in the game, and it wants you to slowly figure out what’s going on, but the level design and music do a good job of making you want to keep looking around. It has enough similarities to Eastward to attract players who liked that game, but its gameplay and art choices set it apart.

Potion Permit

If you liked the cooking system, combat style, and cosy but run-down settings in Eastward, you’ll probably like Potion Permit as well. Here, you play as a chemist from the city who heals the people of Moonbury. There is a lot to find if you like to learn about everything, and you can do things like fish, diagnose symptoms, make potions, and pet your cute pet dog.

Even though the idea might make you think so, this is not a farm-focused simulation. This game is meant to be played slowly, like a cup of hot chocolate, because it has a lot going on.


Moonlighter does a great job of combining a lot of different things to make a story that makes you want to keep reading until the end. During the day, you run your shop and get better at being a trader. By night, you search the dungeons for artefacts, fighting monsters and taking on other tasks.

Even though the game has a relaxing feel to it, it’s hard enough to keep you on your toes. There’s something to be said about games that tell you to choose the hardest difficulty setting to play them the way they were meant to be played. In this beautifully animated game, you can hack, slash, loot, and make friends to help you on your trip.

Crossing Souls

Crossing Souls is a love letter to the time of big hair, bright, parachute pants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some levels can be hard, but it’s fun to see something different every now and then. At its core, this game doesn’t seem to want to do anything more than give you a fun time, and it does just that.

Even without the twists and turns, the story as a whole is interesting, nostalgic, and even emotional. Also, who doesn’t love a good soundtrack and nods to the 1980s?

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a famous pixel RPG with a story that can be enjoyed by both old fans and new players. The story is a timeless treasure that, yes, has different endings that are tempting to look into. Some of them can only be gotten when you start a New Game Plus.

Even though some of the game’s features feel a bit old, the latest PC version has been remastered to make the graphics and controls easier to get used to. It’s an epic story that, for its time, has a lot of meaning.


In Unseen, the story takes place in the future, when people are long gone and resources are getting scarce. You can take different paths through the world based on how you like to play. It’s tense to try to finish your quests before things go wrong because time is running out and your decisions matter.

This tension is perfectly balanced by the beautiful art and satisfying exploration as you try to not only stay alive but also save your friends from bad endings. It also has a main character (and other characters) who are gay and who feel like real people.


Owlboy is different from the other games here because it is mostly a platformer. It also has a busy world that feels alive even when your character isn’t there. It’s billed as a story-driven journey, and as you go through it, you’ll find that to be true.

Even though the way it fights isn’t perfect, the story and world are still worth getting through the parts that aren’t as good. For what it’s worth, Owlboy is also great when it’s doing what it does best: it has funny moments, touching ones, and a beautiful world that’s fun to platform through.


CrossCode takes the best parts of both new and old games and puts them together to make a game that is complete, fun, and hard to put down. It’s a very well-done story that deserves to be as big as it is. The story, the world, and the game play all go well together, and jobs rarely feel like a chore to do.

CrossCode has something for everyone, whether you like to fight or figure out problems. It’s amazing to see what independent developers can do these days, and Spacebar Clicker game is the best of the best.


When you play Eastward, it’s hard not to see how EarthBound shaped it. The second game is like a more grown-up version of the classic RPG, but it still has the best parts of that game’s style. Even the Earth Born level you can play in Eastward is a pretty clear tribute to this game.

EarthBound can only be played legally right now if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership or the original game and console. It’s worth looking into if you want to feel nostalgic and play a game that skilfully walks the line between happy wonder and looming disaster. It’s interesting how good this game is even though the way it was marketed at first didn’t help it do well.

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