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Upon registration, we provide a free transcript assessment. The “try it free” option will allow you to transcribe for nothing. You can upgrade your account if you appreciate the transcription quality and would want to transcribe more.It is difficult to communicate remotely. Your entire team may collaborate on the same document at once using Transkriptor.File formats shouldn’t be a concern for anyone.

Transkriptor is capable of playing any audio or video file. Transkriptor will handle everything else; all you have to do is upload.Your material has structure thanks to captions. Written material has a considerably higher likelihood of being shared on social media or being among Google’s top results. Utilize subtitles to broaden your audience. To begin, select the “Login” or “Try It Free” options.

Second, you may join up using your email or continue using your Google and Facebook accounts. That’s all you can now convert audio to text using your Transkriptor account. 

To access your dashboard, click the “Upload” button. Either begin transcrição de audio or drag your file into the drag and drop box. Additionally, you may paste the URL address of the document you wish to translate. Online transcripts are produced in a matter of minutes using Transkriptor’s powerful AI. Your request will be finished by Transkriptor in half the time of the input transcrição de audio. To fix little mistakes, use the rich text editor in Transkriptor. As soon as you’re through editing, you may download your work in the SRT, TXT, or Word format that you like. 

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Nobody should waste time taking notes mechanically during meetings. Allow participation from all team members at the meeting. Focus on more vital things while letting Transkriptor handle the labor-intensive tasks.With only one click from the Transkriptor dashboard, you may convert your transcripts into additional languages. It is now feasible to translate recordings in another language and produce material that is multilingual. Modern AI is used by the internet transcription tool Transkriptor for transcrição de audio para texto .

A web page service, Google Chrome extensions, and Android and iPhone apps are all offered by Transkriptor. You can instantly use our system for transcrição de video or audio file, even your Zoom meeting.

Our web program may be used for a variety of tasks, including the transcription of journalistic interviews and the subtitling of online media. Many professionals and students utilise scribetor.

State authorities, local governments, attorneys, doctors, PhD students, marketing experts, and individuals from other sectors are just a few of the clients of Transkriptor.

Customers of Transkriptor mostly use it to transcribing their webinars, conferences, podcasts, interviews, online classes, and conferences. The greatest transcribing assistance for interviews, lectures, and transcrição de video is called Transkriptor. 


In conclusion our transkriptor is one of the best software’s that you can use for your daily routine and work basically this will help you during the long run as follows, Transcripts of meetings are written recordings of the talks that took place.

However, for simple reference, a full transcript of the meeting should contain speakers and timestamps. An edited transcript is a whole script that has been changed to make it easier to read. Grammar and spelling errors should be fixed, and slang or missing terms should be eliminated.

If you need to formally deliver the written document in the future, a meeting transcript might be helpful. The essential discourse is kept in tact while filler words, repetition, unusual words, and pauses are edited out using smart verbal transcripts. Deletes out-of-context and rambling statements. 

A good verbatim transcription should keep the speaker’s voice while yet being legible. Because it may be cited or readily turned into other media, such a screenplay or a written piece, it is utilized in video conferences and business-related events. 

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