Virtual Numbers and Scalability: How to Prepare Your Business for Growth?

by Divyanshi Kulkarni

A virtual number is a cloud-based communication telephone line. Virtual number for business is used for routing incoming customer calls to their preferred agents, based on their predefined filters. Virtual numbers can be used to make calls or receive calls on any phone, such as VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or softphones. Virtual numbers for business can be local or international phone numbers that act as vital tools for businesses for efficient call management.

Business scalability refers to a business’s capacity to grow with the increasing market demands and customer needs. A business can scale up successfully those benefits from more sales through increased customer engagement, better service delivery, and more conversion. Virtual number for business helps to offer seamless communication and instant responses. It clears out the channels of communication between the business and the customers, which results in more engagement rate. It prepares a business for growth.

The features that aid to scalability are:

1. Economic yet efficient: All regional and international calls to the virtual number within the business can be automatically routed through the toll-free internet links. Thus, internal and incoming customer calls can be called from a local number but the call can be answered from any part of the world. It does not cost the business any additional cost. Customers can also be reached anywhere, anytime, or through any device with very little to no investment.

Virtual numbers for business is compatible with desktop handsets, mobile phones as well as smartphones. It allows a business to implement new features and services without spending on any new devices or infrastructure. A business can save money and spend it on other needs of the business. It supports business growth with easy scalability.

2. Market presence and easy branding: Virtual number for business allows for establishing market branding by making the business more visible. Using a local virtual number helps in easy rapport building among the customers. It gives the ability to add a personalized feel to customer contact. Customers appreciate calling on a local number more than expensive long calls. Virtual numbers also give the business a brand image. If caller-Id is implemented; it allows the business to check to identify the caller and respond according to their needs. It enhances customer satisfaction rate.

3. Safety and security: Using a virtual number helps a business with call logging that enables close control of call costs. A business can easily see who has called, when and where, and the cost of the call. A virtual number with a number masking solution integrated allows a business to offer safety and security to the business and also the customers. With caller id identification, the calls can be easily identified between business and personal calls. VoIP solutions and smartphone apps allow contacts and other information to be separated by business and personal classification. This feature helps a business to offer privacy and secure communication with its customers. In times of online risks and cyber threats, virtual numbers reduce the risk while communication and transaction. It helps a business to easily expand as it supports more business success.

4. 24×7 support: A business with a virtual number offers 24×7 support to customers. It can be reached for any customer service request, information, etc. at any given time. With 24×7 support, a business can be more accessible and available to customers. It can offer more uninterrupted communication, irrespective of time and geographical location differences. A business can offer maximum customer support as per the needs of the customers.

5. Easy portability and integration: Virtual number for business is preferred as it offers easy portability. A business can shift offices or launch a new office in any geographical location that includes both regional and international; it can easily use the same virtual number.  It does not affect the functioning based on the mode of communication.

The solution also allows for easily integrating with other cloud-based communication solutions. A business can integrate solutions as per the needs of the business. As each business has different needs and addresses different audiences, they can choose their integration accordingly. A virtual number solution provider can help a business choose the best solutions.

Virtual numbers are easy tools for scalability that prepare the business for growth.

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