While not the most original promotional item available, custom mouse pad are practical, cost-effective, and, best of all, have eyes on them all day. A colorful mouse pad can liven up an otherwise dull desk. So, with our awesome custom mouse pads, you can add some fun to your office. Not only can you personalize them with any image or text you want, but you can also provide your employees with a much-needed accessory to make their daily work lives easier and more comfortable. Mouse pads also make excellent giveaways or promotional products for increasing brand awareness. A mouse pad with your logo increases brand recognition because users will see it every time they use their computer, which is often in an office setting. Before handing out your custom mouse pads at trade shows, local events, or even as part of employee and client welcome packages, make them eye-catching and include your company logo.

Why Should You Use a Custom Mouse Pad?

Most people underestimate the importance of a mouse pad in their daily lives. If you do the majority of your work on a computer, you should pay close attention to proper desk organization to avoid health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by doing the same things over and over on a computer, like typing or scrolling with the mouse. You can reduce some of these effects and avoid wrist pain by investing in a custom mouse pad with a good wrist rest.

Ways to personalize your custom mouse pads

Order a custom mouse pads and put your employees’ names on it to give them a much-needed office item. Choose colours that match your company’s logo and colours, or add motivational sayings to the mouse pads to keep your employees going throughout the day.

Our 5 favourite custom mouse pads

Thick Full Color Soft Mouse Pad – 8″ Dia. x 1/4″

The round shape, combined with the full-colour imprint, makes this custom mouse pad stand out from the crowd. The Thick Full Color Soft Mouse Pad’s rubber base ensures that it will not slide around on a desk, and the round shape allows for plenty of room for unique promotional designs and logos. With this one-of-a-kind mouse pad, you’ll have plenty of room to be creative with your design.

Mouse Pad with Memory Foam

Even though the Memory Foam Mouse Pad has a standard shape, its extra-comfortable memory foam wrist rest makes it stand out. This custom mouse pad, available in grey, black, or blue, is both functional and attractive, with plenty of room for a logo, image, or other design. Best of all, the memory foam rest makes it possible for users to enjoy using their computer all day.

Promotional Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad

The personalized Solid Jersey Gel Promotional Mouse Pad comes in three different colours—black, blue, and red—and can be further personalized with the addition of your logo or other image. The soft gel pad gives your wrist great support, making it easy and comfortable to use your computer mouse all day. Also, the mouse pad’s slim design makes it easy to take with you if you need to bring your computer home from work.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad by Easton

The Easton Wireless Charging Mouse Pad truly represents the best of both worlds. It not only comes with a large mouse pad with an anti-slip base, but it also charges your device. An LED indicator indicates that your device is charging.

Hackler Mouse Pad in Leather

This custom mouse pad is made of genuine leather and is the ideal desk accessory. The Hackler Leather Mouse Pad is available in six different leather colours, each with its own set of distress marks. Because it’s made entirely of leather, the method of imprinting is a little more complicated, so this process takes a few days longer to prepare.

Zapvi has the ideal solution for all of your custom promotional product requirements.

When you order from Zapvi, you can be sure that all of the custom promotional items you get will be of the highest quality. No matter what the occasion is, we have a lot of things that can be customized, from wine glasses to mouse pads. Bring these high-quality products to trade shows or give them to employees to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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